American singer-actress Vanessa Hudgens and Los Angeles DJ duo Phantoms have gotten together to release “Lay With Me”, and the music video is a huge throwback to the movie that launched Hudgens career.

The 29-year-old songstress pays a tribute to Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” series (the 1st movie in particular) by bringing back her beloved character Gabriella Montez. She told her fans on Twitter, “This one is for all of you who’s followed me all those years. Love you guys.”


The music video is a recreation of Gabriela’s “Breaking Free” performance, only this time, Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton is not with her, and the song is about sex.

The video starts with a nervous Vanessa singing in front of an audience in an auditorium, just like the scene in “High School Musical” when she and Zac sing “Breaking Free”. She even sports the same red hair bow, long black hair, and white lab coat that Gabriella had.

After getting more and more comfortable on stage, she then takes off her coat to reveal a gold slip dress, and at the end of the video, changes into a black lace lingerie jumpsuit, and appears in a bob hairstyle, similar to her look in “High School Musical 2”.

So what do you all think about the video? Do you feel old?

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