The spark between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande is still very much alive.

Don’t believe us? Take the comedian’s latest quotes about his relationship where he talks in detail about his sex life with Grande. The 24-year-old held nothing back during his recent interview with Howard Stern.

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Unlike most Hollywood stars, Davidson has always been brutally honest when it comes to his personal life or relationship. For example, when he was asked what’s it like to be Grande’s beau, he replied, “My d**k’s forever hard“.


His session with Stern was no different. Davidson shared that he’s not jealous that other guys fancy the pop star because he understands the fascination. “I’ve been there. I’ve been in the other shoes. Who knew I was practicing this whole time (for our relationship)? Any time we’re intimate, I’m always apologising and saying, ‘Thank you. You’re awesome for doing this, thank you so much’,” he said.

If you’re wondering where does this overwhelming sense of gratitude comes from, Davidson clears it up: “I was jerking off to her before I met her“.


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Remember when Grande claimed that Davidson’s penis was around 10 inches long? When the radio host brought up the subject, the SNL actor clarified, “I think I have an average sized penis and she’s tiny. Everything’s big to her.”

The interview then took a graphic and drastic turn when Davidson revealed how he holds out during sex (Warning: his answer may trigger or offend people). Some of you may know that Davidson’s dad was a firefighter who died during the tragic events on 11th September 2001.

The comedian shared that he uses his father’s death to hold out longer during sex. “I was just thinking of my dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my dad seeing that fire coming right towards him,” he told Stern, adding that he draws on personal tragedy as a form of comedy in his stand up routines.

Watch the interview here:


Sources: Elite Daily, Buzzfeed.

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