Malaysia’s rising singer As’ad Motawh is no stranger to hateful comments and criticisms. Since his debut last year, the 17-year-old heartthrob has become one of the local artists to watch in 2018.

Thanks to his good look and soulful voice, As’ad has gained more than a million followers in less than a year, and at the same time, he also gotten plenty of haters.

In one of his latest posts, As’ad posted a funny video of him dancing along with his brother and friend to Estelle’s “American Boy”. The video is meant to be something fun and silly, though the singer also promoted his latest single “Percaya” in the caption.

While many of his fans find the video to be cute, not everyone feels the same way, especially his haters. One particular netizen commented “Who would want to marry you?” which got more than 80 likes.

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Embrace your weirdness… 😋🤟🏻 @ashrafmotawh @maleeq.zn My second single is coming out on the 26th of October #percayaasadmotawh ❤️

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Though most of his fans chimed in to offer themselves to As’ad, the handsome crooner came up with the most savage (and probably a little cocky) comeback to the netizen, “I don’t know, maybe you could start by asking the other million girls who follows me.” (Burn!)

As’ad came to fame via his debut single “Senyum” which has collected more than 17 million views on YouTube. The song reached number #1 on TV3’s “Muzik Muzik” chart. He is often referred to as Malaysian Justin Bieber, and he himself admitted that he is inspired by the “Love Yourself” singer as well.

Apart from As’ad, Ismail Izzani and Haqiem Rusli have also been called  as Malaysian Justin Bieber, probably due to their similar music styles.

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