Looking for an intimate escape with your close buddies? Saro Lounge, which is located on the 8th floor of Pavilion Elite, presents an exquisite setting that caters to just about any occasion.

Upon entering the lounge, you’ll notice its state-of-the-art light on the ceiling. The clever integration boasts “an impressive multitude of configurations to suit any mood, adding to the overall ambiance of the main lounge area”. In case you’re wondering, the venue can host between 130 – 150 pax.


Our vision for Saro Lounge is to offer our patrons a hideout within the city that isn’t just about the food and drinks, but the entire experience. An exquisite cocktail paired with flavourful dishes, complemented by eclectic tunes and a comfortable setting for you and your friends – it’s about offering a combination that elevates all 5 senses,” Saro Lounge’s Kesavan Purusotman said.

Last month, we were invited to taste some of their signature cocktails along with some delicious food that included Pizza Quesadillas, the Grilled Australian Beef/Lamb on Skewers, and Saro’s homemade Fusion Pesto pasta.

Check out the recommended food options below:

Fusion Beef or Lamb on Skewers

  • Grilled Australian Beef or Lamb marinated with Garlic, Pepper & Capsicum, served with a bowl of Garlic Fried Rice (RM46)

Pizza Quesadillas

  • Pockets of cheesy goodness are filled with peppers, tomatoes and onions, drizzled with guacamole mayonnaise and stuffed with beef or chicken (RM32)


  • Coconut rum dry shaken with dark rum and sweet & sour puree, topped up with a touch of sprite, served in a chilled glass & garnished with a fresh lemon slice


  • Dark rum shaken with cocoa liquor and pineapple juice, topped with a touch of angostura & garnished with cherry blossom and strawberry

Saro Sour

  • Blended Whisky, Lemon Juice, Egg White, Torched Fresh Herbs

Saro Lounge is open on Sunday – Monday from 4pm to 1am, and Tuesday – Saturday from 4pm to 3am. For more information, visit their official website or call +603 2110 4080.

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