As many of us already know, the song “Bobo Dimana” has been receiving plenty of hate. The official music video which was released last Tuesday (18th September) is currently the 2nd most trending video on Malaysian YouTube. However, similar to its lyric video, the music video too has more dislikes than likes.

A lot of people has already voiced out their dislikes and requested for the video to be removed from all media platforms. One of them are modern Muslim preacher PU Amin who spread Islamic teachings using a more modern approach.

A few days ago, PU Amin has taken to his Instagram to discourage people from watching “Bobo Dimana” music video, calling it “soft porn”, a video that invites disasters and supports LGBT. His comment obviously doesn’t sit well with Nur Sajat as well as Dato Aliff Syukri.

After seeing him comment, Nur Sajat took to her own social media to bash the preacher and she even threatened to “chop off” the preacher’s private part.

“As a preacher, you should be spreading good teachings and messages nicely. Please don’t bring other people down and say bad things about them. That’s not good. I know you’re a PU (Pencetus Ummah – sort of like a modern preacher), don’t make me turn you into a PLU (People Like Us – refers to LGBT group),” Sajat said in her IG video which has since been deleted.

PU Amin then shared a post on his Instagram claiming that he will be making a police report if Sajat does not apologise or take back her words.

“Did Sajat say she wants to chop off my part? Coincidentally I have a talk with the police force from PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police), and they asked me to file a police report against Sajat as she was holding a knife. I want her to apologise and take back her statement. I really don’t want to resort to this, but the police asked me to.”


Aliff Syukri also voiced out his dissatisfaction against the PU and challenged the PU to not keep quiet about his upcoming Nasheed song. “If I sing a Nasheed song, you better say something about it on your Instagram, and I want to see if the song will get as much views as Bobo Dimana.”

What are your thoughts on their dispute?

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