Former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak maybe detained right now, but since he is huge political figure, he is still able to access his social media and update his supporters on his well being.

In his recent Facebook post, Najib gives his two cents on the closure of Lynas plant in Kuantan, a rare earth operation which started since 2012 and was widely objected by Malaysians as it is seen as a health threat to the people.


“Many may not have realised but Malaysia is currently the  third largest producer of solar panels in the world after China and Taiwan,” Najib said in a lengthy post.

“The first solar plant in Malaysia started in 2008, and since then plenty of solar energy companies started operations including in Penang, Ipoh, Sarawak, Kedah, Melaka and Cyberjaya, thus creating tens of thousands of jobs and billions of export value in a year.”

“One of the essentials needed for making solar panels as well as clean energy technologies, is a rare earth called Neodymium. This rare earth is also important if the country plans to produce electric vehicles which is a vision that Tun Mahathir wish to achieve. The engine in the electro car requires a magnet made from this rare earth,” Najib added.

Najib continued to explain that Lynas plant in Malaysia is the second largest producer of Neodymium and it also produces other rare earths which are used for other high-tech products.

“The Lynas plant in Kuantan has been safely operating for 6 years and it comply with the safety guidelines, and it also provides thousands of job opportunities in Kuantan as well as generating investments in other industries.”

“So far, there is not sightings of Wolverine or Professor X in the streets of Kuantan or the surrounding area,” Najib joked.

The former PM said that he is glad that he didn’t bow down to the pressure given by Pakatan coalition back then, and he hopes that for the coming Budget 2019, the government will continue to capitalise on the advantages that Malaysia has in these sectors.


Najib Razak has been apprehended yesterday and slapped with more than 30 charges in connection with the RM2.6 billion 1MDB financial scandal.

Justice Azura Alwi fixed the bail for Najib at RM3.5 million, and allowed him to pay RM1 million today and RM500,000 each day next week until the amount is fulfilled.

Featured Image: Financial Times

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