2018’s box office hit “Crazy Rich Asians” is proof that you don’t need an all- or majority-white cast to achieve massive success in Hollywood. It comes as no surprise then that Warner Bros. has already greenlit the sequel, “China Rich Girlfriend”.

The main cast of Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh and Harry Shum Jr are expected to reprise their respective roles. The question is, who should play the new roles in Kevin Kwan’s novel?


Besides focusing on a new love story between another couple (hint: they were in the “Crazy Rich Asians” mid-credits scene), the sequel will also focus on Rachel’s reunion with her long-lost father. This will open up another world of Chinese billionaires. As Nick’s mother, Eleanor, once said, “These people aren’t just everyday rich with a few hundred million. They are China rich!

Thanks to Asia One via Singapore Women’s Weekly, here are some of the new juicy roles in “China Rich Girlfriend” and a list of potential Asian cast that could play them. There may be a few potential spoilers (for those who haven’t read the book yet). So proceed at your own risk.

1. Bao Gaoling

Source: Buro 24/7 SG
  • Character: Bao Gaoling is Rachel’s biological father. He’s not only one of the top Chinese politicians but also a billionaire who owns a pharmaceutical company.
  • Actor: Adrian Pang
  • Acting credits: The Malaysian-born Singaporean has experiences in dramas and theatre production. No doubt this award-winning actor would make a good pairing with Constance Wu as a father-daughter duo.

2. Bao Shaoyen

Source: Harper’s Bazaar SG
  • Character: Bao Goaling’s wife is initially cold towards Rachel but eventually warms up to her. Fun fact: This lady owns over 100 Hermès bags
  • Actor: Carina Lau
  • Acting credits: Carina oozes class and poise. Even her red carpet appearances often look expensive, but more importantly this seasoned actress is someone that gives off the vibe of a protective mother.

3. Carlton Bao

  • Character: Rachel’s half-brother is said to bare similar resemblance to her. The English educated 23-year-old lives a very wild and lavish lifestyle. In other words, he’s a spoilt brat.
  • Actor: Kris Wu
  • Acting credits: You may remember him as the former K-pop boybander EXO, but Kris has acted in several Hollywood blockbusters – “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” and “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”. His bad boy look also fits perfectly with the role. It doesn’t hurt that this would also draw the attention of K-pop fans.

4. Colette Bing

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  • Character: She is Carlton’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. She is a fashion blogger who also comes from a wealthy family. There is one thing about her that turns Carlton off though – Colette is a control freak!
  • Actor: Lana Condor
  • Acting credits: Fresh off the success from her Netflix movie, “All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, Lana is already making waves in Hollywood. It’ll be interesting to see her take on a bitchy role.

5. Jack Bing

  • Character: Colette’s multi-billionaire father Jack is among the top 5 richest men in China. It is revealed that he has an affair with Kitty Pong. To complicate matters, Kitty and Colette don’t get along.
  • Actor: Daniel Dae Kim
  • Acting credits: As an avid supporter of “Crazy Rich Asians” himself, Daniel should be a no-brainer right?

6. Richie Yang 

  • Character: Richie comes from a super wealthy family too. This is the reason why Jack wants his daughter Colette to marry him.
  • Actor: Ross Butler
  • Acting credits: He played Reggie on “Riverdale” and Zach on “13 Reasons Why”. It’ll be dope to see him take on a rich boy’s role.

7. Roxanne Ma

Source: IGN.
  • Character: As Colette’s personal assistant, Roxanne is super loyal to her. She was actually a birthday present to Colette on her 18th birthday.
  • Actor: Kelly Marie Tran
  • Acting credits: Kelly made headlines when she became the first Asian actress to be cast in the “Star Wars” franchise for “The Last Jedi”. We’d like to see more of the feistiness in Rose Tico. Who’s with us?

8. Corinna Ko-Tung

  • Character: Corinna will lend Kitty a hand with her social-climbing agenda. We can’t wait to see her turn Kitty from being a sexpot to a sophisticated woman.
  • Actor: Hannah Quinlivan
  • Acting credits: Most people only know her as Jay Chou’s baby mama. Having recently starred in The Rock’s “Skyscraper”, you can bet that we’ll be seeing more her in Hollywood.

Honourable mentions:

  • Lewis Tan
  • Godfrey Gao
  • Ki Hong Lee
  • Hong Chau
  • John Cho
  • Richie Koh

Are there any other Asian actors that you’d like to see in “China Rich Girlfriend”? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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