Award-winning Malaysian director Edmund Yeo is now in the final stage of his latest feature film, a Malaysia-Japan co-production movie titled “Malu” which is set to be released in the cinemas early next year.

The movie was shot since September 2017 and will wrap-up its production this coming Winter by end of this year. The story chronicles 2 sisters who were separated at birth and how they see their mother and grandmother’s reflections in each other.

“The story is about family relations. It follows 3 generations of women in a family. There’s the mother, the grandmother, and 2 sisters. The movie shows how the actions and behaviours of the mother and grandmother have shaped the sisters. So even though they have been separated since they were young, they know that they’re related when they see each other,” Yeo explained about the synopsis of his upcoming film.

“Malu” is Yeo’s 1st movie made in both Malaysia and Japan, and he has to wait for different season of the year to shot different segment of the movie. The movie stars Malaysian actresses MayJune Tan and Sherlyn Seo as the main characters.

Edmund Yeo is no stranger to the Japanese film industry. His 1st short film “Kingyo” received acclaimed recognition at various international festival including a nomination at the 66th Venice Film Festival (the oldest film festival in the world), won the Silver Horse award at Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers in Greece, won Best Editing Award at Doi Saket International Film Festival in Thailand, won Silver Grand Prix and Best New Artistic Creator at Japan’s Eibunren Awards.


Last year, Yeo became the 1st Malaysian filmmaker to win Best Director award at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).

Though Yeo’s movies are usually known for its heavy themes and unconventional styles, the director said that he would love to try making commercial films, and as an anime and manga fan, he’s also open to the idea of directing an animation movie or adapting a famous anime or manga into a live action one.

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