Are Alexander Skarsgård and Charlize Theron romantically involved?

The high-profile Hollywood stars were first linked back in 2012. After starring in the Seth Rogen comedy “Flarsky”, which took place in Montreal late last year, Skarsgård and Theron were rumoured to be seeing each other again.

In speaking with Wall Street Journal (WSJ) magazine, the 42-year-old “Big Little Lies” actor neither confirmed nor denied the rumour. “It doesn’t affect me. People can think whatever they want. It’s impossible to live in a vacuum—you hear, ‘Oh, I heard you’re dating so-and-so.’ Sometimes you’re like, ‘Yeah, I did.’ Sometimes it’s, ‘Never met the person but give her my number’,” the Emmy winner joked.

The hunky Swede also revealed that he isn’t quite ready to settle down yet. “I really enjoy the adventure of traveling, meeting new people and working a lot. Hopefully one day I’ll settle down,” Skarsgård told the publication.

Source: Elle

Life & Style has claimed that the rumoured lovebirds are trying to keep their romance on the down low. “They’re keeping it as private as they can, but it’s hard to hide. They are both thrilled that this romance is back on,” an insider said.

Another source shared, “The first time they laid eyes on each other all those years ago, there was an attraction. They’ve stayed in touch since the first go-round.” Word on the street also has it that Skarsgård has already met Theron’s 2 adopted children – Jackson, 6, and August, 2.

Source: You Tube

Theron has been single since she parted ways with Sean Penn in 2015. Meanwhile, Skarsgård and British model Alexa Chung called it quits last July.

Sources: E! News, Daily Mail.

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