Recently, a viral video has been making its rounds on social media. The video shows a local Malay bride looking restless as the crowds are gathering around Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza during her wedding day.

The video features a caption saying “When Siti Nurhaliza comes to your wedding…” has been posted and re-shared many times on various platforms with many netizens poking fun and downgrading the bride.

Some users uses harsh words against the bride saying that she shouldn’t let her jealousy get the best of her and others are saying if she is not happy that Siti is getting all of the attention, then she shouldn’t have invited the artist to her wedding in the first place.

Apparently, everything is a huge misunderstanding. From the video, it may seem as though the bride is jealous of Siti Nurhaliza, but in truth, it was edited that way to get the netizens talking.

Siti Nurhaliza’s managerĀ Rozi Abdul Razak has released a statement on her Instagram explaining the situation and calling out irresponsible individuals who spread the video for their own benefits and didn’t bother to explain the real story behind the video.

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“I’ve heard that this video which was took from my Instagram (though I wasn’t credited) has been trending and going viral on social media. In the video, I’ve mentioned (but it wasn’t heard very clearly) that the bride is looking restless because she is worried about her boss (Siti Nurhaliza),” Rozi wrote on her Instagram.

“Whoever that spread the video, you areĀ irresponsibleĀ on many things and has causedĀ netizens to think negatively on the bride,” she continued. “This is unfair for the bride Siti Fairuz as the scene is only a small part of the actual video”.

Rozi further explained that Siti Fairuz is actually her colleague who also works for Siti Nurhaliza and in the video, she is not jealous or worried that Siti steals her lime light during her wedding but instead she is wondering whether her boss AKA Siti Nurhaliza is being treated properly and whether she has already eaten the food.

“Fairuz feels that as host and staff of Siti Nurhaliza, it is her responsibility to make sure that her boss receives the best service at her wedding.Ā So for those who spread the video, you didn’t explain the relationship between these two or source the original video, causing people to have bad perception on the bride.”

Rozi said that she is saddened that her colleague’s big day has now been turned into anĀ embarrassingĀ moment, when the actual truth is far from that.

Siti Nurhaliza reshared the post on her own Instagram which has now gotten over 763k views.


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