Eddie Peng (彭于晏) has been making headlines for his new action crime film, “Hidden Man (邪不壓正)”.

“Hidden Man (邪不壓正)” is set in 1937 China where the Taiwanese actor plays a spy (aka sleeper agent) who returns home to avenge his family after being trained in combat in the US. Despite the jam-packed action, many are still intrigued over his nude scenes.

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While promoting “Hidden Man (邪不壓正)” in Hong Kong, the 36-year-old star shared his vigorous training to maintain those washboard abs. “The director wanted me to have a body like Bruce Lee. The hardest thing was to maintain that figure for 6 months. I had to do a lot of aerobic exercises. My character flies over roofs, jumps on walls, and skilled in using a variety of different weapons. There are a lot of scenes where I had jump on top of rooftops, and I couldn’t use wires. I underwent a lot of training for that.”


When the topic shifted to his much talked about nude scenes, Peng said, “Go watch it to find out! I feel a bit shy to talk about it. I wore some protective gear initially, but the director didn’t like it. Just like the bed scene. Originally I had pants on, but the director said, ‘What is this? Doesn’t look good! Take it off!’ We got a blanket for coverage, but I got very into what I was doing, so I even forgot about it in the end!”

Was Peng comfortable during those nude scenes? “I felt more freeing. It felt more realistic. The director was kind enough to empty the studio when we did (the bed scene),” he replied. Will the handsome be open to strip again? “Not personally, but if the role requires it, I’ll consider again,” the actor added.


In addition, Peng has also been fending off rumours that he’s dating co-star Xu Qing (许晴), who is 13 years his senior. “Now anyone can write anything they want on the internet, whether it is true or not. We are both professional actors, so please do not think too much,” he was quoted as saying.

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