Singer Shila Amzah has brought herself some unwanted attention when she tweeted something about the recent episode of Astro’s talent show “Big Stage”.

Her tweet seems to condemn the comment given by one of the judges after the performance of Sarah Suhairi who did a cover of Black Pink’s famous hit “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.

“I don’t like that typical thinking that songs with high notes are difficult. Typical,” read her tweet, which many netizens believed is directed towards Dato Siti Nurhaliza who commented that Black Pink’s song is “easy”.

The tweet has somehow ticked off a certain group of fans including veteran songstress and actress Adibah Noor who commented, “Easy for you to say. You slay every note effortlessly. Some would struggle”.

But Adibah didn’t seem to be bashing her, but more like giving a cheeky comment to tease the singer, while others are not so kind.

The 1st tweet didn’t seem all that bad initially, it was the follow-up that got people really enraged. When a user replied to her 1st tweet, “But most of the judges always said that”. Shila responded, “Because they’re no brainer. We should appreciate all types of voices.”

After the follow-up comment by Shila which has now been deleted, netizens started to slam the 28-year-old singer for her rude remark. Apparently, many have misunderstood Shila’s comment and believed that she was calling the judges brainless.

Shila soon explained that what she meant is that hitting high note would be easy for the judges as they are all experienced singers, but many refused to accept her explanation, adding that she is twisting her words.

After realising her mistake, Shila immediately apologised multiple times to netizens as well as Adibah Noor and promised that she will be more careful with her words in the future.

We also hope that next time Shila would read her post 2 or 3 times before tweeting it, but we applaud her for admitting her mistake and even responded humbly and kindly to harsh comments.

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