With the release of new single “Over My Skin”, Tiffany Young is set on making her mark as a solo American singer in Hollywood.

Formerly known as Tiffany Hwang Mi-young (티파니), the 29-year-old pop star first signed on to SM Entertainment at 15 and later made her debut in Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) when she turned 18. After spending a decade in one of the biggest K-pop girl groups, she’s now ready to explore beyond the world of Hallyu.

Source: Glamour

As seen in her “Over My Skin” cover artwork, it’s a metaphor showcasing the artist peering through a tear in the blush-hued plastic wrapped around her. The flirty dance pop track is essentially about sexual liberation, self-actualisation, and embracing a newfound confidence.


I really want to be an unpredictable artist versus being super polished. After finishing 10 years in Korea and getting all that love and support and then starting again, it made me even more certain that I wanted to walk back in with confidence and a story of empowerment. I think now more than ever it’s important to have something to stand for,” she told Dazed.

During a recent appearance on the “Zach Sang Show”, Tiffany not only recalled back on how she got her start in the K-pop industry, but she also delved into the juggernaut that is the Korean entertainment industry.

Most K-pop idols (“idols” is a term Tiffany isn’t fond off) in the industry have little to no control over their creative freedom. These stars are often required to sing the tunes assigned by big-name studios.

It’s refreshing to hear a successful K-pop star talk about her experience in depth and from an American perspective. Regardless, even if you’re not an SNSD fan, nor a Tiffany fan, this interview offers a chock-full of information about the K-pop industry and its open secrets.

It’s 51 minutes of good stuff right here:

To echo a commentator on Reddit, not only was Tiffany able to cross that line but interviewer Zach Sang got her to walk a little further over.

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