Durian season is still going strong. As much as we try to tell ourselves to cut down on the creamy goodness, it’s simply irresistible when you can smell Musang King from a mile away. No one can deny the sheer deliciousness of durian as it is, but did you know there’s a whole world of mouth-watering food out there that’s made with the king of fruits?

Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself. All hail the various Durian products and dishes you can now indulge in!

1. Musang King Mooncakes

Source: 11street MY

You know the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner when mooncakes are on sale EVERYWHERE. But apart from that, it’s also durian season and if you’re looking for a twist to your mooncakes, then do give the Original Durian Mooncake with a Musang King filling a shot.


Or if you’re looking for more flavours, the Durian Mooncakes from 11street also boast a Pandora Durian Mooncake collection that comes with a collection of different flavoured fillings including pandan durian, white coffee durian, charcoal durian, and mango durian. Sounds oh-so-sinful!

2. Musang King Fried Crab

Source: Trip Advisor

You may expect it to be too creamy to handle but the hint of curry leaves gives it just the right amount of flavour. A definite must try the next time you pop by Bandar Puteri in Puchong! Please dapao some for us, #kthanksbye.

3. Golden Durian Cake

Source: Purple Monkey

Oh, sweet cakes. Purple Monkey makes the best frozen cheesecake in town – and it only gets better now that durians are in season. Priced from RM60 – RM80, this treasure feeds 2 to 6 people, or you know, a party of one kinda works, too.

4. Durian D24 Mille crepes

Source: Eat Cake Today

Did you know: Mille crêpes are a popular French cake made of many crepe layers, a definite understatement since the word ‘mille’ means ‘a thousand’. If you’re up for the goodness, head on to Food Foundry to get your Durian Mille crepes fix!

5. Fried Durian Fritters

Source: Burpple

Pisang goreng is the bomb and all, but we think it’s time to make way for the gooey delight of Fried Durian Fritters. A crispy outer layer with a burst of warm creamy durian filling that you can experience at Restoran Wah Cai in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA) Johor Bahru.

6. Durian Cendol

Source: Places And Foods

The current hot weather is making us sweat buckets, but fret not, Durian King in TTDI is ready to save you with a bowl of overflowing and cooling Durian Cendol.

Durian lovers, you can thank us later!

Source: 11street.

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