Malaysian model Alicia Amin is known for being unapologetic about being herself and is no stranger to harsh criticisms. So when haters have something to say about her, she is not afraid to clap back at them!

Earlier today (Friday, 24th August), the 24-year-old model calls out a Twitter user who condemned her for acting in Malay drama “Alamatnya Cinta” even though she herself often makes fun of Malay people.

The Twitter post has gotten over 4k retweets and 2.1k likes as at time of writing. Clearly, the viral post has gotten the model-turned-actress’ attention, who immediately responded to the hater on the matter.

“This is small dick energy. If u watch #Alamatnyacinta we are all about making fun and calling out Malaysian/Malay stereotypes. Criticising our shortcomings as a culture/industry doesn’t invalidate our love for it,” she said in a post.

In the post, Alicia included screenshots of the Twitter user’s original post who has now blocked the model from her account after realising that her viral post has somehow put her in hot soup.

The Twitter user claimed that she doesn’t hate Alicia personally but felt annoyed at the model’s hypocrisy as Alicia previously voiced out her dislikes on the attitude and mentality of Malay folks back in 2017.


After finding out that Alicia has responded to her post, the Twitter user said that she doesn’t care if the model is bitter about her post as she is only stating the truth.

Alicia Amin is currently starring in Astro’s brand new drama “Alamatnya Cinta” also starring Hannah Delisha and Hisyam Hamid. The series is a Malay adaptation of famous Korean drama, “My Full House”.

This is the model-actress’ 2nd acting role after “Meh Sandar Lagi”. Back then, Alicia also faced backlash from Malay viewers for a similar reason.

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