Even though KLFW has already passed and ended, people are still talking about it, and one of the most talked-about celebrities during the event is definitely the fabulous actress-model Fazura.

At the fashion event, the actress-turned-fashion designer presented a couple of unique and unforgettable gimmicks when she unveiled the latest collection of her fashion line, Fazbulous.

During the show, one of Fazura’s models who got the most attention is definitely plus-size model Pom who was praised by netizens for being unique and has inspired others to embrace their body shape.

Netizens complimented Fazura for using the plus-size model at the show, though some claimed that she did it to diss actress Faezah Elai who previously bodyshamed Fazura’s representative at an award show.


However, not everyone is pleased with Fazura for using Pom at her show. Some people accused the actress for being a hypocrite, saying that she pretends to send positive messages about embracing body shape and size but promotes and sells slimming products on her Instagram.

Furthermore, these people have even gone to actress Sharifah Sakinah to confide about their dissatisfaction on Fazura’s publicity stunts.

Since the KL Fashion Week I’ve been receiving mails regarding choice of publicity stunts by Fazura and team. Repeatedly. Well, thank you for acknowledging me, I know I speak the truth but I’m not a wakil rakyat,” Sharifah Sakinah who is known for being vocal shared on her Instagram.

She added, “People have been complaining that Fazura was using overweight teenagers for runaway show as a gimmick while she shamelessly promoting slimming products on her IG to be thin. They want to speak out through me concerning the hypocrite contradictions.”

I’m gonna be real here. First of all, Fazura intention is to empower young ladies regardless of her size and shape. Also, I understand the concern of this email complaint, the power of celebrity is so influential to the young mind so they want Fazura to be aware of her actions. As a celebrity myself, I realised people can scrutinise every small detail even in one simple picture,” she continued.

In conclusion, Sakinah made it clear that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and free to do whatever they want. So her final advice to Fazura’s haters is to move on.

Previously, Fazura was also accused for copying the idea of Belgian designer Dries Van Noten for her fallen models gimmick which she denied profusely.

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