Local comedian Afdlin Shauki was under fire yesterday for posting a distasteful post on Facebook regarding LGBT with the caption, “Let the photo speak for itself”.

The post has now been removed and Afdlin takes full responsibility and apologised for the insensitive post which he claimed was done by one of his social media team members.

“I am deeply sorry and would like to apologise to those, including my friends, who have been hurt by the act,” he told MMO when contacted.

“Everyone has their own choice and I accept it. This (condemning the LGBT community) is not what I believe in, and I believe it is not a topic to be made fun of either.”

Afdlin only found out about the photo later in the day after some of his friends including Malaysian model Asha Gill condemned the actor-director for his act.

Despite Afdlin’s explanation, many social media users are still not convinced, saying that he is putting the blame on someone else.

Afdlin’s case is not the 1st LGBT related issue that has been going on this week. A few days ago, George Town Festival was under fire for removing photos of 2 LGBT activists from its exhibition.

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