Alicia Amin unintentionally shed some light on the discrimination made by a certain blood donation centre.

Despite a “new Malaysia” following this year’s GE14, many of us are still pretty divided when it comes to people’s sexual orientation. The whole discussion started when the Malaysian model reposted a tweet by Ir. Khairil Nizam.

In the screenshot taken by Khairil Nizam, there is a list 9 things to follow through if you wish to be a blood donor. #8 states that homosexuals and bisexuals are discourage from applying. Alicia sarcastically pointed out that this “hospital/bank literally only taking blood from straight people who slept with 1 person in their life or virgins”.

Despite the “rules”, the “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum states that anyone can lie about their sex life before donating blood. “There is nothing wrong with homosexual or promiscuous people. Technically, if you have a new sexual partner you can be deemed ‘high risk’. Even tattooed people can’t donate blood if your last tattoo was (inked) within 5 years. That’s how long HIV can stay ‘dormant’ for,” she wrote.


Alicia has a point though. The LGBTQ community has always been unfairly painted as the mascot for HIV infection. Any sexually active person could technically be at “high risk”. The Malaysian beauty went on to explain that one “could contract HIV from anyone, even a straight person who’s partner had multiple partners within the last year or so. ANYONE could’ve lied.”

Unfortunately, the thread on blood donation blew out of proportion. Alicia later released a statement clarifying that she does not condone lying about one’s medical records but was merely pointing out the flaw in the standard operating procedure of blood donation.

You can read her statement here:

Source: Alicia Amin’s Twitter.

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