It’s Summer all year long in Malaysia, but don’t let the hot weather gets you down. Beat the heat of this tropical country at Sunway Lagoon’s new Splash and Thrill into the Summer campaign.

From now until 16th August 2018, Sunway Lagoon invites all adrenaline junkies to test their limits and take on the Top 10 thrilling rides at the Extreme Park while catching some fun under the sun!

Thanks to the team from Sunway Lagoon, Hype Malaysia got the opportunity to take up the challenge. So here, we list out the least to the most thrilling rides from the Splash and Thrill into the Summer campaign.

1. Cameroon Climb

Featuring the first-in-the-world double tube water ride, Cameroon Climb is likely one of the less extreme rides among the 10. The water ride steeply drop riders from as high as 15 metres, and shoots them up again to a height of 8 metres. The speed of the drop is definitely the most intense part of the ride. But since everything happens so fast, the thrill doesn’t last long. However, the ride is definitely a great start for non-thrill seekers who wanted something a little bit thrilling than the safer park rides like carousel or ferris wheel.

2. Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster

The roller-coaster is another one of the tamer and less challenging rides on the list. The ride starts off slow, taking riders up hills before going for 2 fast drops, and several sharp curves. The steep level of the drops is probably around 60 degrees, and the curves are quite fast and sudden. The ride is quite intense but only for a moment. The riders are then taken into a dark tunnel where everything is in total darkness, and this might make some people feel a little bit anxious especially for those with nyctophobia since they can’t see what’s coming.

3. FlowRider

For those who have always wanted to be a professional surfer, now is your chance. FlowRider is Malaysia’s 1st surf simulator which lets you feel the rush of surface water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, and skimboarding. It is the perfect ride for surfing practice. Those with no surfing skill can also enjoy the ride as they only need to lie flat on the board and balance their body. The intense pressure of the water can hurt you, but if you just go with the flow of the water, you should be able to get the hang of the ride.


4. Tomahawk

This pendulum ride can be found in almost every amusement park, so thrill seekers may find this ride quite common. But compared to other pendulum rides, Tomahawk is considerably smaller in size thus the swing is faster than usual, making it more intense. Riders will swing from left to right and then go through 2 360 degree loops. The ride will kind of hurt your shoulders, especially when you’re upside down, so be sure to push your leg up since the gravity will pull you down.

5. Pirate’s Revenge

Pirate’s Revenge is basically a pirate ship ride which is also another common attraction in many theme parks. But the one in Sunway Lagoon offers a twist as it goes upside down in a full 360 degree loop, so it is kind of similar to the Tomahawk. The ship will swivel you to 24 metres above ground level, and it lasts for more than 3 minutes, making it one of the longer rides among the 10. Similarly, the ride can also hurt both of your shoulders and the time you hang upside down is longer compared to the Tomahawk, so try to fight the gravity when you’re overturned.

6. Vuvuzuela

Vuvuzuela is Malaysiaís largest water ride with a diameter of 22 metres and 152 metres in length from the launching tower to the end of the ride. The water ride is one of the most famous attractions at Sunway Lagoon and has even made it into the Malaysia Book of Records in 2013 as the Biggest Water Ride ever. The ride is quite fun and challenging, especially when you’re suddenly plunge into the huge funnel, and what’s more – the ride doesn’t end there. Vuvuzuela is also one of the longer rides on the list.

7. Monsoon 360

This trap door water slide is an intense ride that will bring out all of your anxiety and uneasiness. It is definitely one of the scarier rides at Sunway Lagoon as the drop is so sudden and unexpected, your heart may not be able to take it. There are 2 trap doors; the orange-coloured one will be less intense and it is more suitable for the faint-hearted as you will only fall in a straight line, while the purple slide plummets you into a 360 loop, giving riders a strong adrenaline rush. Riders will wear a backpack-like bodyboard for smooth and fast sliding.

8. Scuba Diving in the City

Operated by Titan Scuba Asia, Scuba Diving in the City is definitely an experience of a lifetime as you will be given an opportunity to learn some of the basic scuba diving skills from a professional instructor in a safe and relaxed environment. Guests were given legit and professional diving equipment accompanied by a kind and friendly professional instructor who will guide you through all the basic lessons of scuba diving such as the underwater safety measures, breathing using your mouth, cleaning the goggles while underwater, adding weight inside the water, and hand signals. The main trick to scuba diving is not to panic, maintain your composure, and enjoy the experience.

9. Bungee Jump

If you wish to know how it feels like to fall to your death, then check out Sunway Lagoon’s bungee jump where you can leap off 21 metres headfirst from Malaysia’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. From a bystander’s perspective, it probably doesn’t look so challenging, but once you stand on that pedestrian bridge, it’ll take you forever to jump off from it. Despite knowing that you have your harness, you still can’t help but shaking in fear. But the trick to bungee jumping is basically don’t think and just do it! During the fall, you will be turned upside down, thus the blood will rush to your head. Therefore, make sure you don’t eat anything heavy before the activity. You will also feel slightly nauseous after the jump and your body may feel a little bit sore after that. Nevertheless, the whole experience is worth it.

10. G-Force X

Asia’s highest and fastest slingshot ride, the G-Force X shot riders upwards at a very high velocity from 0 to 120km per hour in 2 seconds and up to 65 metres high. The thrilling ride is definitely not for those with a weak heart. Due to the high speed, the wind force can be quite strong and intense, after the shot you will bounce several times, and the ball will then spin in 360 degree motion while you are in mid-air. But once the bouncing stops, you get to enjoy the full view of Sunway Lagoon for a brief moment as you are slowly brought down to the ground. G-Force X is a short but absolutely exciting ride. The ride is so scary that even bystanders get the chills when looking from below.

So what do you think? Have you got what it takes to complete the Splash and Thrill challenge? Head to Sunway Lagoon now before 16th August and let us know your experience!

Visit Sunway Lagoon site for more info.

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