Congratulations are in order to Rachel Platten, who announced that she’s pregnant!

The “Fight Song” singer let fans know about the good news via Twitter today (Thursday, 26th July). She also posted a photo of her adorable baby bump along with her post.

Source: Rachel Platten’s Twitter

In a series of honest tweets, she revealed that she has been pregnant “for months”, but did not go public as she didn’t know how to express it the “perfect way”. Platten’s tweets read, “I can’t believe I’m finally typing these words – I have wanted to share this news for months. As I thought about how to share what I have been experiencing, I became paralyzed about doing it the exact, perfect way – how to express all of my total bliss and yet all this fear too?


She then realised that the best way to share her journey was to do it her way, “with honesty, vulnerability, love, and an open heart.”

She continued, “The truth is, I am overwhelmed with love, joy, and happiness about our baby. It’s a total miracle that I’m growing a human and my husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Pregnancies are not all flowers and roses though, as Platten found the hard way. “I have also had an incredibly difficult spring and summer with serious nausea, exhaustion, constant sickness, and all the awful symptoms no one wants to really talk about when sharing the ‘perfect blessed journey’ of pregnancy,” she wrote.

I was so afraid that if I shared that part (the difficulty of flying and performing while puking in green rooms and airplanes) that I’d seem ungrateful somehow when I’m actually crazy full of gratitude – I’m just HUMAN. Human emotions are complex. We can feel more than one thing at once you know? We can hold both love and wonder and aw and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it’s normal! So anyway, that’s where I’m at my loves,” she tweeted of her experience.

She also promised to share her journey with her fans, and concluded her series of tweets by saying, “This little unbelievable soul that I haven’t even met yet is going to be my biggest teacher in the world and I cannot wait to learn.”

Source: Time

Congrats, Rachel! We can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy 🙂

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