Guess who is coming back to Malaysia?

Japanese Internet sensation Pikotaro who is most known for his catchy but annoying 1-minute hit “PPAP” will be returning to Malaysia for the 2nd Japan Expo Malaysia.

The FOC festival will be taking place this weekend, from Friday to Sunday (27th – 29th July 2018) at Pavilion KL, featuring performances, exhibitions, meet-and-greet, and presentations of all the iconic culture from Japan such as music, anime, art, fashion, food, travel, and more.

Aside from the previously announced Japanese artists, other performers who will be at the festival include kawaii metal group Ladybaby, Koda Kumi’s younger sister of misono, SpringChubit member Haruka Yamashita, electronic rock band The Sixth Lie, idol group Tokyo Clear’s Smile, and impressionist Ryuji Aoki.

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