There’s a new burger in McDonald’s Malaysia – and it comes all the way from Mexico!

Check out the brand new Mexicana Chicken Burger which brings out the most flavourful taste of Mexico in a single bite.


Hola amigos! Introducing the all new Mexicana Chicken Burger that’s packed with a fiesta of scrumptious flavours! Head over to your nearest McDonald’s to try one today!” McDonalds’ Malaysia shared on its social media.

The mouthwatering burger features an extra-large crispy chicken patty, layered with a creamy white cheddar cheese slice, red capsicum, lettuce, and tomatoes, topped with tangy Jalepeno sauce and special tomato mayo, all sandwiched between a shiny glazed bun.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your amigos and fagmilias to the nearest McDonald’s and experience this delicioso fiesta today!

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