The daring Thai cave rescue operation is currently one of the most inspirational stories in modern times, which is why Hollywood has decided to bring this story to the big screen.

However, the inspiring rescue will be the subject of not one, but two competing movies with Arizona-based Christian film studio Pure Flix Entertainment and American-Chinese filmmaker fighting over the rights to make the movie.


Pure Flix co-founder and CEO Michael Scott have announced their plan on 10th July, adding that they have already started their search for actors, writers, and directors.

“The bravery and heroism I’ve witnessed is incredibly inspiring, so, yes, this will be a movie for us,” Scott who was in Thailand during the incident told The Hollywood Reporter.

A day after Pure Flix made the announcement, “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu has announced that he will be working with Ivanhoe Pictures (the studio behind “Crazy Rich Asians”) to develop another movie about the Thai rescue mission.

“I refuse to let Hollywood #whitewashout the Thai Cave rescue story! No way. Not on our watch. That won’t happen or we’ll give them hell. There’s a beautiful story about human beings saving other human beings. So anyone thinking about the story better approach it right and respectfully,” Chu tweeted on Wednesday.

Ivanhoe Pictures is reportedly in talks with the most senior officials in Thailand both on provincial and national levels. They are also in talks with multiple studios who have shown interest about this project.

The feature will centre on the the 12 young Thai soccer players and their 25-year-old coach who were trapped in a cave near the Myanmar border for more than 18 days.

Sources: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety / Featured Image: Discovery Canada, Noorhayati Noordin

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