Taiwanese actress Celia Chang was recently speculated to be in a relationship with the son of former prime minister Najib Razak when the two was spotted wining and dining together in Taiwan.

After receiving various criticism and comments from the social media, the actress took to Facebook to clarify that she did not sleep with Mohd Nazifuddin Najib, the son of Najib Razak and his first wife, Tengku Puteri Zainah.


She also added that she did not receive any money or gifts from Nazifuddin and she was the one paying the bills for the two of them. “We ask all to stay calm and stop defaming her,” the post read.

According to multiple reports, the two was seen sharing 2 bottles of red wine in a local restaurant, and spent more than 3 hours at the restaurant before proceeded to a massage parlour.

They then enjoyed a candlelight dinner together, chilled at a pub for two hours and then took a taxi to a hotel at 1am, The Star reports.

Their outing took place one day after after Najib was released on bail following his arrest on 3rd July, over the 1MDB scandal.

Many has bombarded Chang’s Facebook with insulting and intimidating comments, and the actress plans to take legal action for it.


Chang and Nazifuddin got to know each other via a mutual Singaporean friend. The status of their relationship is unknown and Chang refused to comment on the matter.

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