Back in the olden days, fame and popularity were earned through hard work, intelligence and of course, talent. But nowadays, to be famous – all you need to do is go viral!

People today live completely different lives compared to those from 20 years ago, especially the teenagers. With the existence of various social media platforms, many youngsters today feel compelled to share whatever stories or views that they have to the whole world – even if some of them can come off as crazy, stupid, and/or offensive.


So when the internet picks up these stories, these people instantly go viral and famous – and many times, for the silliest and weirdest reasons. Here, we have compiled 6 internet-famous Malaysians who have gone viral and achieved overnight fame by well – doing these…

1. King Coco

Many of you may have already heard of the infamous King Coco who became an overnight viral sensation after releasing a video claiming that she has a lot of mixes in her blood, which is the reason behind her overly exaggerated ‘mat salleh’ accent.

King Coco, 21, is a social media influencer who earns a living by getting paid to review various products, especially beauty products. In many of her videos, she speaks in a weird accent, so her fans questioned her about her weird accent, which she responded in the video below.

According to Coco, she has various mixes, from Chinese, to Pakistan and Serani, and she has been speaking that way from a young age. Even her sibling speak in accents different than her’s – which is a bit weird. But anyway, despite her explanation, many people are still not buying it. Coco has been receiving lots of hate since then, and due to all the hates, she has since disabled the comment section on her Instagram account.


2. Ameera Khan

Ameera Khan or better known as Little Miss Khan, is Neelofa’s 17-year-old half-sister who started to gain the nation’s attention after condemning about government schools and the capability of teachers from those schools.

Her action is widely criticised by people as immature and a poor attempt to gain fame and attention. But in the end, we guess everything works out well for her because among all of Neelofa’s siblings (she has 9 by the way), it is safe to say that Ameera is probably the most famous one even though she was known for the wrong reason.

Of course, her story doesn’t end there. After the incident, Ameera has been under the people’s radar, and every little thing that she does, from the way she dresses to her boyfriend, and the comments she gave, never seem to sit well with the netizens. Her recent comment about Samsung phone has received tons of backlashes and also hilarious parodies!

3. Safiey Illias

Pretty sure that most of us are familiar with the name Nur Sajat. Yes, she is the famous transgender who have created plenty of controversies in Malaysia earlier this year, especially in regards to her gender identity. But did you know that another Malaysian transgender is currently trending too? Yeah, her name is Safiey Illias, who is previously known as Sofea Illias.

You’ve probably heard of her back in 2016 as she became viral after announcing that she decided to return to the right path by becoming a real man again. During that time, she was seen very determined as she even removed her breast implants and was invited to several Islamic talk shows to share her experience. She was an inspiration and many netizens applauded her action and showed their supports. However, all that didn’t last very long.

After a few months, Safiey was soon spotted wearing woman’s attire again and seems to have gone back to her old self. The entrepreneur claimed that she is “too tired” to deal with public expectation who are still hating on her even when she was a male. “When I was a girl, people talk bad about me and when I did what they wanted me to do, people were still hating on me. I think it’s best that I go back to being myself and make myself happy using my own way,” she said as quoted by The Level.

4. Faiz Roslan

Faiz Roslan is a social media celebrity and YouTuber who is known for making over-the-top parodies of viral videos and music videos. The social media star have gotten wider attention recently during the fasting month when he uploaded a parody video of Siti Badriah’s “Lagi Syantik”, where he lip-synced while cross-dressed together with his two male friends.

Obviously, his action is deemed as insensitive and disrespectful towards the holy month thus receiving many criticisms from the people including celebrities like Sharnaaz Ahmad, Aeril Zafrel, and also Da’i Wan. Although Faiz had apologised publicly for his inconsiderate action, it didn’t take long for him to be in the spotlight again. Shortly after the parody video incident, Faiz garnered more controversy when he and his friends admitted on Instagram live that they did not fast.

5. Awek Cendol

Earlier this year, a video of a girl complaining in a spoiled manner (in Malay word, manja) about the hot weather and her hunger has gone viral on the internet and it received various negative reactions from netizens.

Nur Anizah Tahang, 20, or better known as Nija turns into an internet sensation after her boyfriend Muhd Aiman Amar Maiyuddin, 20, shared a video her acting babyishly when she didn’t get her cendol (a local iced sweet dessert) during the hot weather. So because of that, the couple – especially the girl – became the talk of the town.

Nija’s cutesy way of speaking somehow irritates the folks on the net to the point that many made various parody videos to make fun of the couple. But despite all the negative reactions, some positivity came out of it too. According to Aiman, the couple now have more followers on Instagram and their online businesses have been going on very well since then.

Nija reportedly received plenty of offers from several companies asking her to become their beauty product ambassador.  She even appeared in the music video of “OK OK OK” by Indonesia artist Gabe Wely and Chazynash’s parody version of “Sampai ke Hari Tua”.

6. Baby Arra

Baby Arra is no stranger to controversy and drama. She is known for condemning other people’s appearances and lifestyles and commenting about sensitive issues on her social media, and most of the time, her videos make no sense. Netizens believe that her action is a way for her to get cheap publicity.

In many of her videos, she often comments about what she doesn’t like about a guy, such as having squinty eyes, pointy ears, thick moustache, and bald. Her baseless and rude comments were not the only things that ticked off the people, her sexy appearance and annoying speech manner also pissed them off!

Apart from the backlashes, her videos also received plenty of funny reactions from other YouTubers, such Arwind Kumar AKA Makcik Roast Mah, Vogue Unicorn, Harvinth Skin, and Azlan Fauzi.

What are your thoughts on these Instafamous people? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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