Has it really been 8 months since NU’EST W dropped their album?

Fans of the group will finally have new content as they’ll be having their comeback on 25th August! The news was confirmed by their label today (Thursday, 7th June).

Source: Naver, Dispatch

A source revealed, “NU’EST W is currently working on their album with the goal of making a comeback this month. They are putting all their efforts into finishing the album so that they can return better than before.


News is scarce, but the album has been described as a “present-like album filled with special thoughts for fans who have waited a long time”.

The members also informed fans personally through their fancafe. Each of them posted handwritten letters which expressed their heartfelt feelings.

Source: The Seoul Story

Their letters are as follows:

JR: “Just like it was revealed a little while ago, our comeback album will be released on 25th June! We wanted to be the first ones to tell ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs about it so I’m a little sad (it got out). That’s why we decided to write these letters because we wanted to open our hearts to you. Thank you so much for waiting so long for our comeback and always giving us so much love. We will work hard and do our best to repay your love with great music and performances. For always staying by our side, thank you and I love you.

Aron: “Hello! All our ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs! Our album is coming out on 25th June! If I think about how we’ve wanted to run to ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs as soon as we could, even if it was just a day earlier, then you could say that this is an album that took quite some time. But we worked that much harder during those times and even now, we’re working hard to prepare as we wait for our comeback date. We will show you something so great that it will wash away the sorrow we, us and ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs, have had. Let’s meet soon!

Source: Naver, Dispatch

Baekho: “We’ve prepared this album with the hopes that it will be like a gift to you. If I think about it, for ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs, it might have been a period of time so long that it can’t be put in words. Thank you for waiting through those long times. I believe that now, it’s time for me to repay that love. I will give my all to create the greatest gift. Let’s create moments that are filled with nothing but happiness. See you soon.

Ren: “We will be releasing NU’EST W’s new album, which we prepared to be strong and meaningful, on 25th June! Thank you so much and thank you again ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs for waiting for so long. I’m happy enough to be able to showcase the results of all the hard work we’ve been putting in, but most of all, my heart is full from the fact that we get to see ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs again. I’ve wanted to greet ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs again from the stage. Just thinking about seeing ㄴ♡ㅅㅌs at our comeback stage makes it hard for me to fall asleep…Please wait for us a little longer. Comeback NU’EST W!

Source: soompi

What kind of music are you hoping to hear from them?


Sources: soompi, The Seoul Story, Melodia_Muse.

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