How about some sweet baby news to brighten up your Friday? One of our favourite couples – Wang Leehom (王力宏) and Lee Jing Lei (李靚蕾) – are expecting another baby!

The news comes courtesy of Jayne Stars. According to the Chinese entertainment site, the lovebirds are having a new addition to their family of four. However, it was not revealed how far into her pregnancy Jing Lei currently is.

Wang LeeHom
Source: Jayne Stars

It’s been close to two years since the Mando-pop singer and his wife welcomed their second baby, Wang Jiana (王嘉娜), into the world. Since their eldest child, Wang Jia Li (王嘉莉) is also a girl, we suspect that Leehom and Jing Lei are hoping that their third infant will be a boy. Perhaps third time’s the charm right?


Earlier on Monday (9th April), the 41-year-old pop star uploaded a topless snapshot of himself while poking fun at his wife. “How much more do I have to workout for Jing Lei to take notice?” he asked. At this age, Leehom is still in great shape. Too bad, his washboard abs does not impress his baby mama that much.

Wang LeeHom
Source: Facebook

Their playful banter continued when Jing Lei sneakily filmed a video of her husband -unaware – while he was belting out a song in the washroom. “You started it first! Candid camera war…has started,” she captioned the clip after Leehom caught her.

Watch their funny exchange below:

Sweetest overload, anyone 😉

UPDATE (16th April):


It’s a baby boy!

Last Friday (13th April), we announced that Wang Leehom’s wife, Lee Jing Lei, was pregnant with the couple’s third child. According to Toggle, the 41-year-old singer shared the happy news during “The Descendents of the Dragon 2060” world tour, held at Beijing over the weekend.

During the concert, Leehom told fans that his son is due this summer while dedicating a sweet video clip for him. Aw…

Sources: Jayne Stars, Toggle.

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