EXO-CBX is back and they’ve given us more reasons to love them.

The sub-unit dropped the music video for “Blooming Day” earlier today (Tuesday, 11st April) and it has already amassed more than a million views! Now that’s power.



Before releasing the song, SM Entertainment described the song as “a light and chic dance-pop track where the members’ sweet vocal colours will be showcased. The lyrics talk about a sweet confession to a woman with heart-fluttering emotions like spring.”

They boys did not disappoint, as we found ourselves bobbing our heads to the beats. The track is also super catchy with their repetitive chorus of “Can I be a boyfriend, can I?

Well, it’s a resounding yes from all of us πŸ˜‰

Apart from amazing melody, the music video is also one entertaining affair. It’s colourful, funky, and er-hem, seductive.

Here’s what else we loved about it:

1. The whimsicality of it




So are we.

We totally have no idea what that sequence means, but that’s what we love about it. You’re open to interpret it however you want. Maybe it means that Xiumin is as beautiful as a blooming flower, maybe it means something else, who knows?

2. Baekhyun’s amazing dancing skills


We all know how amazing a vocalist Baekhyun can be, but damn, it’s his dancing chops that made us fall for him this time. The boy took the lead a few times in this music video, and he surely didn’t disappoint.

3. Xiumin’s dewy eyes


We think Xiumin just killed us with his dewy eyes and seductive stares.

He was known for his cute and chubby face, but the eldest member of EXO has shed that image and bloomed into a fine young man.

4. Chen’s bad boy act


Why does Chen look so angry throughout the whole music video? We don’t know, but we know that it’s sexy as hell.

5. How aesthetically pleasing it is


Just look at how they played with the space and colour. We’ve watched the music video over and over again just because of how pleasant it is to look at.

Need something to calm you down after a long day? The music video is just the thing you need:

Apart from “Blooming Day”, their album of the same name records 6 other songs: “Monday Blues”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Thursday”, “Vroom Vroom”, “Playdate”, and “Lazy”.

You can listen to their latest album on Spotify and Apple Music.

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