Throughout the years, we’ve seen some amazing villains on Disney’s animated films. Some of them have even received live-action reboots. Let’s be honest, many of these Disney villains have even worked their ways into our hearts – becoming instant fan favourites.

These classic Big Bads are so well loved that some artists have even dedicated their time and effort in giving them a makeover. The new take on these characters sees these villains being reimagined as Disney Princesses with gender-bending, body changes, and more.

1. Hades (from “Hercules”)

Source: Sakimichan

Does this princess version of Hades look gorgeous? Yes, she has dreamy blue eyes and the fiery icy hair, but this female Hades has the same sharp and pointy teeth. Her skull earrings do add a nice touch as well. Although the Greek Underworld’s leader resides in hell, the cool blue hues used by artist Sakimichan makes this version looks like an ice princess. Still, nobody in their right mind should give her babysitting rights to baby Hercules.


2. Jafar (from “Aladdin”)

Source: Princess Jafar Bandcamp

Instead of making Jafar look like a doppelganger of Princess Jasmine, this version looks like what could be Jafar’s sister, Jara. The original Jafar is far from attractive and Jara seems to take after her sibling. This art piece also provides Jara the famous trademark beard. With that magic lamp on her hand, what do you think Jara is wishing for?

3. Shan Yu (from “Mulan”)

Source: Maby Chan

“Don’t mess with me” is the first impression we got upon looking at this fan art created by Maby Chan. Shan Yu is a vicious villain in “Mulan”, so it makes sense that he gets turned into a fierce looking warrior princess. We like that the artist has retain three things about this character – the hood on the head, yellow eyes, and the villain’s falcon pet Hayabusa. The character’s original wardrobe has also been given a more feminine makeover.

4. Dr. Facilier (from “The Princess and the Frog”)

Source: Maby Chan

Brought to you by the same person responsible for turning Shan Yu into a Disney Princess is another makeover for Dr. Facilier. As the big bad in “The Princess and the Frog”, this witch doctor is power hungry and doesn’t like it when someone else is ahead in wealth and status. Sticking to the New Orleans theme, this recreation sees Princess Facilier sporting a similar outfit with a necklace of Mardi Gras beads and a wicked grin.

5. Mother Gothel (from “Tangled”)

Source: Elias Chatzoudis Deviantart

If Mother Gothel were given a Disney Princess treatment, this is probably how she’ll look like. If you’re familiar with the animated storyline, you’d know that Gothel relies on Rapunzel’s hair in order to remain youthful. If she really had her way, she will probably look as sexy as this drawing.

6. Governor Ratcliffe (from “Pocahontas”)

Source: Maelly/ BlastedGoose

Would John Smith have fallen in love with Pocahontas if Princess Ratcliffe was in the picture? It’s hard to say. Although Ratcliffe’s signature sword is missing, the villainess is clad in the cap with a feather and the big red bows in her hair. Oh, and who could forget the unmistakable Percy the Pug striking a posh pose on his royal pillow.

7. Frollo (from “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”)

Source: Maelly/ BlastedGoose

Remember the cruel villain that was so abusive towards Quasimodo in “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”? Well, his female counterpart looks even more conniving here. Accompanied by a hideous gargoyle, the purple and black outfit on Princess Frollo is striking and instant recognisable.


8. The Rogue Gallery

Source: Sweet Cookie Carnival

A Tumblr user named Sweet Cookie Carnival produced a brilliant art compilation when she swap some of nastiest villains with classic Disney princess outfits. For instance, Hades looks miserable in Cinderella’s outfit, Governor Ratcliffe seems comfortable in Snow White’s dress, while Gaston may have raided Belle’s closet.

Which of these ladies are your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.


Sources: Screen Rant, The Things.

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