In just a couple of weeks, “Black Panther” is already one of Marvel Studios biggest success stories, both in North America and globally.

In its second Fri-Sun weekend, “Black Panther” has earned a whopping US$ 108 million, a mere 46% drop from last weekend’s record-breaking US$ 202 million.


As it stands, this Ryan Coogler film has grossed US$ 400 million in North America and US$ 704 million worldwide. And the movie hasn’t even been released in China yet. Wanna know what’s crazier?

“Black Panther” is currently the 5th highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in North America, only behind “The Avengers”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Captain America: Civil War” and “Iron Man 3”.

Note that three of the four movies that are ahead of it are TEAM-UP/ensemble movies. At the global box office, “Black Panther” is currently the 10th highest grossing MCU movie.

Source: Box Office Mojo

This may not seem like a big deal to many, but let me smack your candy asses and remind you that the movie will only be released in China on the 9th of March. China is the second biggest movie market in the world. In 2017, “Fate of the Furious” grossed US$ 392.8 million at the Chinese box office, while “Transformers: The Last Knight” raked in US$ 228.8 million.

Comic book movies may not be as strong in China, compared to Michael Bay ejaculations and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but they still make big bucks nonetheless. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” grossed US$ 116.2 million, while “Captain America: Civil War” grossed US$ 180 million. If “Black Panther” hits “Spider-Man: Homecoming” numbers in China, then there is little doubt that the movie will be top 5 or maybe even top 3 highest grossing movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The question is, will it manage to overthrow “The Avengers” and become not just the highest grossing MCU movie, not just the highest grossing Marvel movie, but the highest grossing comic book movie of all time, worldwide. If it does, it would be a CRAAAAAAAZZZZZY achievement! An achievement that will hopefully convince the snobby old farts that run major studios that you don’t need to be white to make big bucks at the box office.

DC oh DC!

At the global box office, “Black Panther” has already outgrossed “Man of Steel” (US$ 668 million) and “Justice League” — billed as DC’s version of “The Avengers — (US$ 657 million).


In the coming days, “Black Panther” will shit all over “Suicide Squad” (US$ 746 million) and in the coming weeks, will go on to make more money than “Wonder Woman” and “Batman V Superman” too, both of which grossed more than US$ 800 million.

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