Amy Schumer’s trailer for her new comedy film, I Feel Pretty, dropped on The Ellen Show, it has a lot of people confused.

In the trailer, Amy Schumer plays Rene, a plus-sized girl with low self-esteem who struggles to accept herself. However, after experiencing a head injury, Rene’s confidence sky-rockets and she starts seeing herself as a supermodel.

The premise that you need a head injury to gain confidence did not sit well with a lot of people.


A lot of netizens took to Twitter to slam the 36-year-old actress for suggesting that you need an injury to find yourself attractive.

Even though people appreciate her tackling the idea of positive body image, they don’t like the modus operandi of the movie.


What do you guys think of the trailer? Does it send out a positive message about body image and confidence? Let us know!

Watch the trailer here:

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