Warning: This post will make you miss Barack Obama just a tiny bit more.

Barack Obama’s presidency was ground-breaking for multiple reasons. He was politically sound, socially approachable but what made him stand-out for millions of people around the globe was just two things: The fact that he was America’s first Black President, merely decades after slavery was abolished and his unparalled charisma.

In the middle of his presidency, Obama kicked-off a tradition of sharing his favourite literature and music to the rest of the world and these lists would usually include a fine blend of old school choices as well as fresh picks that made it relatable to the average kid on the street.


While he is no longer the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, Obama decided to keep the tradition going via a Facebook post that was released yesterday. “During my presidency, I started a tradition of sharing my reading lists and playlists. It was a nice way to reflect on the works that resonated with me and lift up authors and artists from around the world. With some extra time on my hands this year to catch up, I wanted to share the books and music that I enjoyed most,” said Obama.

While the official list was posted on Facebook, someone has kindly created a playlist on Spotify with all of Obama’s favourite tracks from 2017 added into it. You have Kendrick Lamar’s Humble, DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts, Portugal The Man’s Feel It Still and even Brandi Carlile’s The Joke. Check out the whole list below!

I suppose it’s fair to say that in a few years, Barack Obama’s name will be officially recognized as a synonym to the word ‘cool’.

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