Last month, Malaysians were thrilled to satisfy their cravings of Isaac Toast & Coffee without having to travel to South Korea. Guess what? The Korean sandwich joint is opening a new outlet in Paradigm Mall.

The bad news? It’s not the Paradigm Mall located in Petaling Jaya, but the shopping centre in Johor Bahru. That means those living in the Klang Valley will still need to travel to KLIA2 to try the famous Korean street toast.

Isaac Toast Coffee
Source: Facebook

Best known for sandwich flavours like Bulgalbi, Hot Chicken and Double Cheese Potato, Isaac Toast & Coffee has expanded to more than 700 retail stores in South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not bad for a food franchise that first started out as a small street stall at a university in Seoul in 1995.


In celebration of its grand opening tomorrow (Tuesday, 28th November) at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru, Isaac Toast & Coffee will be giving out 50% discount vouchers. The promotion is only valid between 28th November till 3rd December 2017, between 10am to 2pm. You may claim the 50% off voucher at their store at level 3.

For more information, Isaac Toast Malaysia’s Facebook page and Instagram.

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