You may have tasted durian coffee and durian condoms but have you gotten a taste of a durian-flavoured lipstick?

Elianto Make Up recently unveiled its “Elianto Musang King” lipstick on its Facebook page. The beauty product comes in a bright yellow colour, similar to the King of fruits.

Durian-Flavoured Lipstick
Source: Facebook

According to the Malaysian cosmetics brand, the pesticide-free lipstick has a strong aroma of durian that provides a “sense of satisfaction similar to gobbling a mouthful of Musang King at one go”. Elianto even added that not only will “Elianto Musang King” lipstick make a perfect gift since Malaysians love durian but also because “this scientific marvel is … able to cure hangover and prevent alcoholic blackout”.


I always had that urge to eat the king of fruit on seasonal basis but now, I can have it on every time and licking my lips with lipstick on can never taste this good,” reads one of the customer’s testimonial.

However, Elianto told The Star that the durian-flavoured lipstick isn’t available in stores yet. “We do have plans to manufacture it but we are only testing the market at this stage,” a rep was quoted as saying.

Durian-Flavoured Lipstick
Source: Pamper

To all durian-lovers out there, would you try the “Elianto Musang King” lipstick when it goes on sale?

Source: Elianto Make Up’s Facebook.

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