It was reported yesterday (Wednesday, 15th November) that a man had not only physically abused his wife but also shaved her head.

The scary incident took place Taman Kluang Setia, Kluang at their home after the accuser, Koh Shen Hwa, suspected that his wife, Tan Zhen Shan, was cheating on him with another man. The news has since gone viral on Facebook with many netizens expressing their anger towards the husband and sympathy for the victim.

Man Injures Wife
Source: Facebook/ Utusan

Zhen Shan’s father, Tan Hock Hai, suspected something was terribly wrong when he received a shocking photo of his daughter’s shaved head via WhatsApp. When he couldn’t get through to his 32-year-old daughter, the 63-year-old man lodged a police report at the Petaling Jaya police station at approximately 1pm.


Police chief Mohamad Laham revealed that Hock Hai had received a distressing call from his daughter the night before. According to him, Zhen Shan was crying profusely about wanting to return to Petaling Jaya, but withhold what was going on behind closed doors. Photos show that not only did Zhen Shan sustained injuries on her face but also her arms.

It is believed that Shen Hwa, who works as a contractor, has been detained by the police.

Sources: Utusan, Oriental Daily, KL吹水站 (1)(2) / Featured image: Utusan.

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