Yesterday, News Straits Times reported that a CEO (no idea who, at that time) of a Malaysian Telco company was arrested in Dubai for drug possession upon arriving from Amsterdam. A couple of things immediately popped into mind.

  1. Can someone give this mystery CEO a medal? #TrueHero
  2. How were the hookers?

No idea what drugs he was arrested for? I’ll give you a hint:


Then a few hours ago, it turns out that the mystery CEO is non other than Jason Lo of Tune Talk. #Fulamak

But just as I was about to engrave his name on the medal, Jason Lo says that all the rumours are bullshit. He says that he was arrested for being badass like Captain America.

“I landed in Dubai, at the airport my friend tries to stop a fight. Then he gets hit and I jump the guy who turns out to be an undercover cop”

Jason Lo further states that the only thing worse than being in lock up is finding out that people have been spreading rumours about you.

I go to lock up and this guy stalls his statement for weeks. It was horrible. Not as horrible as coming out and hearing rumours of being locked up for every other reason under the sun.

Looks like there are multiple rumours circling the internet. Some suggesting he’s Pablo Escobar, some suggesting he’s Captain America. So be sure to check in for more updates jokes.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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