Another Malaysian celebrity has just gotten engaged. Congrats to Shila Amzah (茜拉) and Haris Idraki Elias!

The famous Mandopop singer and her beau celebrated their engagement with close family and friends in Cheras (where her family lives) last night (Friday, 3rd November). The intimate ceremony also marked the first time the 27-year-old star introduced her lover to the media and fans.

Shila Amzah
Source: Instagram

So who is this Haris? The 28-year-old groom-to-be currently works in the financial sector in London. Multiple reports also confirm that he was previously a reporter for The Star newspaper back in 2015.


The official statement released on the songstress’ Facebook page reads:

Shila and Haris have been dating and soul mates to each other for quite some time, while Shila has been touring China and Asia to perform, the couple has been keeping in touch via Skype; when one night (…) Mr Elias made a marriage proposal to Shila. The proposal was blessed by both parents with a wedding planned to be held in 2018.

Shila Amzah will continue her professional music career producing music in different languages, touring to different parts of the world and truly supported by the newest member to the family. We wish to extend this great news to the friends, fans and media who have supported Shila with tremendous love throughout her career and beyond, and trusting this is to be shared among the good people who embrace this happy and special occasion.”

Shila Amzah
Source: Kakifoto

The talented pop star also took to her Instagram account to express her gratitude and love for her leading man.

Dear Haris,

7 years ago, I never realised what an incredible journey we were embarking upon together. I never would have believed that the 21-year-old boy with wavy hair and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen would grow into the strong, hardworking, and loving man that will be waiting for me till the end of time.

I never dreamed that I would find someone who changed me to see the world in the way that you do – a man who makes me laugh and love with abandon, a man who even after all these years being apart still gives me butterflies when he walks through the door. I didn’t believe that I could find a man who would remind me every single day to dream bigger, to work harder, to open my heart to the possibilities of this beautiful life.”

Shila Amzah
Source: Facebook

She continued, “I never realised that I could love anyone as much as I love you. I love your quirky humour, your obsession with books and art. I adore your beautiful brown eyes, the way you read for me before I go to bed. I love those nights when we Skype every weekends, the way you listen to my crazy ideas and catch me when I fall… Often literally.


I love you not only for who you are, but for who you inspire me to be. I love that over the past 7 years, our feelings for each other has always been there like we were made for each other. Even on the days when I have struggled, when the future seemed uncertain, not once did I have to walk alone.”

Shila Amzah
Source: Twitter

She added, “7 years of growing up, but never growing apart despite of the distance conquering all that life put in our way, day by day, we grew together. Haris, you are the reason that I fight so incredibly hard to be the best person that I can be. You give me a reason to make every single day even better than the last. You have shown me what it means to live and love, to give of my heart fully, to wake up every morning with the hope of helping others.

You are my soulmate. My other half. The piece of my heart that I never knew was missing.

And the promise of a lifetime together.

Your Future Wife,
The *Almost* Mrs. Haris

Take a look at more photos and a video below:

View this post on Instagram

Alhamdulillah syukur kehadrat ilahi, Sha dah selamat jadi tunangan org 💍 Sorry to keep this away from all of you ,as I want things to be as normal as possible for my fiance ( omg is this real ?hahaha😅😍) Haris Idraki bin Elias. Mak and abah, terima kasih sebab terima Haris dalam Hidup sha, I know it is hard for you to let me go, tapi setelah semua luka dan pahit yang kita tempuh bersama dimasa lalu, he came into my life since 3 months ago and made me the happiest girl in the world, but I couldn't have done it without your blessings, thank you mak @mamazie68 @ndlala abah, I love you ❤ To my future parents in law, I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for raising your son to be the man he is today, thank you for ensuing in him the love of others and knowledge of God. Thank you for accepting me and deeming me worthy of your son’s hand. He truly is the love of my life and the man I want to be with forever. Thank you for being such an Amazing Parent to @hariselias ❤ Designer @azuracouture MUA @arramazlan Tekstil @babanyonyashop Pelamin deco @adiputra_decor Tent @rdkevents Food Kak Ani Catering SA's official photographer @hazrangah Event's official photographer Official videographer @mqproduction Event coordinator @qielsmiels #SharisEday #shilaamzahxharis #engagementphotos

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We’re excited for Shila and Haris’ next chapter to begin 😉

In addition, Faliq Nasimuddin and Chryseis TanSheena Liam and Ernest Zacharevic, together with Yuna and Adam Sinclair are also set to walk down the aisle.

Sources: Shila Amzah’s Facebook and Instagram, MMO, Mingguan Wanita.

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