Marriage is never easy; it’s even harder when you are in a polygamy relationship.

A man in Kota Bharu was recently sentenced to 6 months behind bars for injuring his 1st wife. The reason being? He couldn’t stand her repetitive nagging when it wasn’t her night. After losing patience, he lashed out on her by hitting her face and head.

Man Injures First Wife
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Astro Awani reported yesterday (Thursday, 2nd November), that the accuser, Harun Talib, pleaded guilty after the charges were read by Majistret Mohd Azrul Hasyim Mohammad. The incident took place at Jalan Sri Cemerlang over the weekend on 28th October at approximately 11:15pm.


According to the site, the 55-year-old Kelantanese lost his temper after his first wife, Miss Maehyae, repeatedly called him to send over a motorcycle to her house even though it wasn’t her turn that night. She had even accused him of not fairly dividing his time between her and the 2nd wife.

Man Injures First Wife
Source: Astro Awani

Harun Talib has since been charged under Section 323 Section 326 (a) of the Penal Code for causing hurt.

Source: Astro Awani.

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