Yesterday, Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Samantha Katie James unveiled the National Costume, created by Dior-trained designer Brian Khoo.

You’ve probably seen it. And if you haven’t, here it is:

Source: Elle Malaysia

It came complete with hand-embroidered pearlescent beads representing the rice and fiery ruby tones of crystals representing the sambal, studded with ikan biliscucumbers, and a sunny-side-up egg using glass beads. Oh, and let’s not forget the banana leaf “wings”. Needless to say, Samantha’s “nasi lemak dress” garnered mixed reactions from everyone and anyone who saw it.


Coincidentally, the big reveal happened on 31st October aka Halloween. Hence, there has been no shortage of puns and jokes. “I wish they add on some more lauk such as chicken wing, sausage and otak otak. OMG.. seriously I feel so much hungry now,” read one comment from an amused netizen on Miss Universe Malaysia’s Instagram post. Another less impressed Instagrammer wrote, “I understand the arguments that nasi lemak was chosen as the concept simply because it is part of the Malaysian culture and yabbe dabbe doo (honestly there could have been so many other cultures to pick from-next what? roti canai?!) Anyway, regardless of the concept, this dress looks like a complete disaster because the execution is completely off the grid. I think the designer could have done better in incorporating the nasi lemak concept.”

Malaysian actor and comedian Harith Iskander also chimed in with his take on the dress. The funny man shared a picture of himself decked in a “roti canai costume” and wrote in his caption, “People say this year’s Miss Malaysia Universe Nasi Lemak National Costume went too far. I say it didn’t go far ENOUGH. ? Throwing my hat in the ring for 2018’s National Costume suggestion.”

Source: Harith Iskander’s Facebook

Oh Harith ?

Source: Harith Iskander’s Facebook.

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