Another day, another enraged driver. But this one takes the cake for being next level as it involves a police patrol car.

A video shared by the “We are Malaysians” Facebook page documented an incident which took place along the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) yesterday (Sunday, 29th October 2017).

Source: Facebook video screenshot

From what little we know, an accident occurred near IOI Mall in Puchong involving a Toyota Vios and a Proton Satria Neo. What followed after was a misunderstanding when the respective drivers came out of their cars to discuss the situation, leading to an argument. A police patrol car arrived at the scene soon after but the drivers refused to heed the police’s order for them to disperse.


Then, in a strange and somewhat unexpected twist to the incident, the enraged Proton Satria Neo driver got into his car and reversed in high speed, ramming into the Toyota Vios and the police patrol car.


Ouch ?

That’s not all. There’s also a first part to the video of the incident, taken from another angle, which showed the suspect being beaten by a few men before he was hauled off by the police into the police patrol car. Thankfully, according to a Sinar Harian report, all 6 men involved have been arrested and were taken to the Serdang district police headquarters (IPD) to facilitate the investigation.

Sources: We are Malaysians, Sinar Harian / Featured image: Facebook video screenshot.

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