It’s true, YB Khairy Jamaluddin has quite the snarky streak on social media.

A couple of days ago, the Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister took to his personal Instagram to share a beautiful shot of Cat Bells fell in the Lake District, UK. While the post has since garnered more than 100 comments and over 22,000 likes in just 3 days, it also attracted some unwanted attention from an Instagram product promoter.

Source: Instagram

The promoter wrote, “Want to be taller? Come take a look at our Instagram”, adding their WhatsApp and WeChat contacts to the comment. The product (which comes in a range of tea sachets, softgel vitamins, calcium powder, spirulina capsules, so on and so forth) supposedly helps people gain from 2cm to 10cm in height in 10 days. The promoter also boldly claimed that it’s “100% effective”.


But Khairy would have none of it. He replied to the comment, writing, “Please don’t promote your fake sh*t on my Instagram. No product can make adults taller. It’s a con job and I am going to report you to Kementerian Kesihatan (the Health Ministry).” Khairy went on to add, “Plus you chose the wrong person lah. I’m 182cm tall. Almost 6ft.”

Source: Khairy Jamaluddin

Ooh. Burn ?

Source: Khairy Jamaluddin.

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