Has Eddie Peng Yu-yan (彭于晏) been hiding in the closet? Some seem to think so.

Recently, rumours of Eddie’s affair have been spreading like wildfire on the Chinese internet. The hashtag #彭于晏出柜 “Eddie Peng comes out” alleged that the Taiwanese-Canadian star has been in a relationship with a wealthy businessman in order to climb up the ladder in the entertainment industry.

Eddie Peng
Source: Men’s Health/ Wikipedia

The person in question is Zhang Lei (张磊). A look into his Wikipedia page reveals that he is the founder and CEO of investment management firm, Hillhouse Capital Group. Despite being one of the richest investors in China, Zhang Lei has managed to stay out of the spotlight. He is reported to have a NT $78 billion (roughly RM10.9 billion) net worth.


In a Weibo post that has since been deleted, user @圈少爷 accused Eddie of sleeping with Zhang Lei. Although Eddie identifies himself as a straight male, the Weibo user claims that the movie star is actually a versatile (both a top or bottom).

Another social media celebrity also wrote a vague post about Eddie and Zhang Lei’s affair. That status, which has also been deleted, was retweeted by Liu Chun, CEO of Zhongnan Film and former vice-president of Sohu.com.

Eddie Peng
Source: Shanghaiist

Not long after the rumours hit the internet, the movie star’s rep has released a statement saying, “These statements are purely fabricated and have no value to them. We have already handed this case over to the lawyers”.

What do y’all think? It’s probably best to take this with a grain of salt for now.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Toggle/ Featured image: Men’s Health.

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