Cornell Haynes Jr., better known as rapper Nelly, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly raping a woman.

The 42-year-old entertainer was taken into custody in a Walmart lot in Washington state after a woman accused him of raping her without a condom. He was released a few hours later with no charges being filed.

Source: Putnam County Sheriff

The accuser – a 21-year-old woman from Seattle – claims that she met Nelly while she was drinking alcohol and partying at a club. She was invited to the rapper’s tour bus where the rapper tried to have sex with her. When she refused, Nelly apparently forced himself on a without a condom. After the assault, she told the police that she was given US$100 and kicked off the bus.


Nelly’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, released a statement saying, “It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicised. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety. She’s a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals“.

Source: ConcertFix

The rapper himself also took to Twitter to deny the rape allegations. “Let me say that I am beyond shocked that I have been targeted with this false allegation. I am completely innocent. I am confident that once the facts are looked at , it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation,” Nelly wrote.

The 3-time Grammy winner added, “I also want to thank my fans for their unwavering support. They know me. I assure you I will be vindicated. And I assure you, I will pursue every legal option to address this defaming claim. Thank you“.

You can check out his tweets below:

Sources: CNN, NY Daily News/ Featured image: Putnam County Sheriff.

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