It’s Wednesday again. As usual, motorists are eager to find out the latest prices for petrol and diesel.

According to a prediction by Malaysia Freebies, both petrol and diesel will see an increase starting from Thursday midnight (5th October) onwards.

Petrol Price Malaysia


The expected prices for petrol and diesel for 5th – 11th October 2017 are:

  • RON95 : RM2.19 per litre with increased by RM0.03
  • RON97 : RM2.49 per litre with increased by RM0.03
  • Diesel : RM2.17 per litre with increased by RM0.05

The current prices for 28th September – 4th October 2017 are:

  • RON95 : RM2.16 per litre
  • RON97 : RM2.46 per litre
  • Diesel : RM2.12 per litre

We will update the fuel prices once the official announcement comes in before 6pm.

Petrol Price Malaysia
Source: MMO

Source: Malaysia Freebies.

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