It’s DC versus Marvel but more specifically, “Justice League” versus “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Not only are those 2 highly-anticipated superhero movies going head to head as they debut in cinemas worldwide next month, there’s also a battle going on between the 2 opposing marketing teams.

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. unveiled a new set of marketing promos for “Justice League” featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. This series of character posters frame each hero with a backsplash of colour to coincide with their character traits or outfit choice.

While these bright colourful posters are amazing, fans have taken to social media to point out the obvious similarities to the colour scheme used by Marvel for “Thor: Ragnarok” a couple of weeks ago. While the “Justice League” posters focus more on the character’s silhouette look, the “Thor: Ragnarok” promos feature the various characters in full-on action shots.

Justice League Thor Ragnarok
Source: Marvel

While both sets of posters are amazing, it’s hard to ignore the parallels and speculate of DC is purposely taking a page from Marvel’s marketing book.

Regardless of the drama, you can check out 10 thundering fun facts of “Thor: Ragnarok” here.

Sources: Movie Web/ Inverse.

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