There’s Such A Thing As Coca-Cola + Coffee & We’re Already Buzzing With Excitement

Yes, it is as weird as it sounds, if you’re neither a fan of Coca-Cola nor coffee ?

Coca-Cola has launched a new item called, “Coca-Cola Plus Coffee”. A fresh take on the classic Coca-Cola, the new twist will allow fans to savour both their Coca-Cola and coffee fix all in one, as it the traditional taste of Coke with “a dash of real coffee from Brazil” and “subtle caramel undertones”.


Coca-Cola Australia is hoping that the drink will be a popular alternative to a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, since Australians are known to have a love-affair with coffee. Oh, and it’s quite apt that “Coca-Cola Plus Coffee” (the Australian version) is also sugar free and contains “less caffeine than the same amount of a regular latte or flat white but a little more than classic Coca-Cola”, so that people can dial down the hyperactive-ness from too much caffeine plus sugar.


As far as we know, the limited edition drink has officially rolled out in both Australia and Japan, and people say that it tastes like Vanilla Coca-Cola. In Japan, it’s called “Coca-Cola Coffee Plus”, a version with sugar, and it can be found in vending machines.

We’d try it, for sure!

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