Malaysian pop boy band KRU has released the ticketing details and seating plan for their 25th anniversary concert aka KRU25!

In an official statement posted up on the KRU Music Facebook page, KRU wrote, “It has been a longtime dream of KRU’s to hold a concert at the Istana Budaya thus we’ve been waiting for the right time to stage a concert that will allow us to share our journey.”

Source: KRU Music

Comprising of 3 brothers – Datuk Norman Abdul Halim, Yusry Abdul Halim, and Edry Abdul Halim – KRU revolutionised the Malaysian music scene with their unique blend of pop, R&B and hip hop. Not only are they a household name in the Malaysian music landscape, they’ve also successfully established their own entertainment company, KRU Studios, specialising in the entertainment and media industry.


The KRU25 celebration began in August 2016 when KRU performed at a concert in Esplanade, Singapore, whereby the tickets were sold out. KRU is also currently filming their “Rockumentary”, which will feature their journey in the entertainment scene since 1992.

Source: KRU Music

Note: Can we just say how apt it was to label the seating plan according to their hit songs e.g. “Awas”, “Ooh La La”, “The Way We Jam”, “Fanatik” etc? 😀

Ticket prices start from RM158 (not including GST) and bookings can be made via the hotline 03-22760038 or via [email protected] from today onwards.

Source: KRU Music / Featured image: KRU Music.

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