Uh oh, bad news for all you DC fans out there.

Word on street has it that popular DC characters, Lex Luthor and Iris West, have been axed from the cut of the highly-anticipated “Justice League“. This news comes courtesy of Batman News, after the movie was recently shown to a selected few at advanced screenings.

Lex Luthor Iris West
Source: Movie Web

Last month, Kiersey Clemons expressed her excitement at the prospect of making her DC debut as Iris West. The 23-year old actress even mentioned that her scenes were “f**cking sick”. Unfortunately, moviegoers won’t be able to see her on the big screen.


Although Jessie Eisenberg was included in last year’s “Justice League” press release, his scenes have also been cut out of the test screenings. As you may know, Lex Luthor was thrown into Arkham Asylum after the events of “Batman v Superman“. The Dark Knight even branded him with a bat sign while he was in jail.

Lex Luthor Iris West
Source: Cinemaginando

There have been massive reshoots ever since Joss Whedon took over as director from Zack Snyder due to a family tragedy. While it’s a good thing that the new filmmaker has decided to cut out parts that don’t contribute to the overall story, we’re still hoping scenes of Lex Luthor and Iris West will appear in the Blu-ray release.

“Justice League” opens in theatres 16th November.

Sources: Movie Web, Blasting News.

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