A beautiful young lady recently cause quite a stir on the internet when she made a bold claim.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday, 22nd August), Lala Rahim (real name: Nurul Adilla Abd Rahim)’s tweet went viral online. She tweeted that she was willing to strip naked should the Malaysian Polo team wins. That was how gung-ho she felt about our own athletes.

Lala Rahim
Source: Twitter via Hangat

As some of you may know, Lala is an assistant producer and TV host for a local media company. “As someone who also works in the media industry, I don’t think this is appropriate to do on a public platform seeing as how this attitude reflects your company,” Twitter user Siti Najihah Hussin responded. This came after Lala stated that there was no point in deleting her controversial tweet since it has already been screenshot multiple times.


True enough, our home grown team beat team Brunei to a 12-4 score at the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. “I didn’t realise people would actually take my tweet seriously. I was only joking about stripping naked,” the 23-year-old Malaysian told mStar Online. She has since apologised for not being sensitive and vows to be more cautious moving forward.

Lala Rahim
Source: Facebook/ Bernama

On a brighter note, Malaysia is currently ahead with 93 wins (as at time of writing), including 40 gold medals. Good job, team Malaysia!

Sources: mStar Online, Hangat/ Featured image: Facebook.

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