How Cute Is This Thai AirAsia Cabin Crew Who Sang To Passengers During A Flight Delay?

An “old but gold” video of a Thai AirAsia cabin crew resurfaced because, well, because she’s that much cute!

She first won over netizens on social media when a recording of her singing to passengers on board a flight first surfaced on the interwebs in July this year. The video, which was originally shared by one Kornchanok Benchaphongsa, featured a fellow steward introducing his colleague, a female cabin crew, via the plane’s intercom, and announcing that she would be singing a song. Kornchanok was on board AirAsiaThai flight FD505 from Hong Kong to Bangkok, which was experiencing a slight delay when it happened, and was swift enough to whip out his smartphone to record the entire incident.

The female cabin crew, whose name is unknown, sweetly serenaded the passengers as she sang along to the Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” backing track that was being played on her smartphone. After her impromptu performance, the passengers on board burst into cheers and applause.

Source: Kornchanok Benchaphongsa

1.3 million views, over 1,100 shares, and almost 100 comments later, it’s easy to see why she’s Thai AirAsia’s sweetheart 🙂

Source: Kornchanok Benchaphongsa.